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Monday, April 5, 2010

Life: Searching for a reason to stay

Life: When you know you can walk away you have the option to spread your wings and fly away you choose to remain trapped in a cage ,, when your searching for a reason to stay you find one to spread your wings and fly away ...........

Suddenly one day we grow up and realise we have no dreams or hopes left we grow up and the sky that once looked reachable feels so far away were captured away buried in pain. We realise fairytales which once made sense in our small world never ended up in that way and it was all a lie. So we grew up and what happened forgot about our childhood forgot about everything simple that pleased us and seek for more. As a little girl i was painting bright pictures of the world now I forget that once the world looked brighter in my eyes. Playing at a park falling down and crying wish I could go back in time cause I knew I would be fine just stand up and try. Now I grew up further away from my fairytale world further away from my hopes and dreams. I GREW UP SUDDENLYY AND THE WORLD I LIVED IN SEEMED SMALLER IN MY FAIRYTALE DREAMS.